There is a very common “fake” malware alert that is happening to many users.  It is usually happens as you are doing an Internet search.  The search results list a URL that is pretending to have the information you are searching for.  But when you click on the link, you can get one or more of the following results: 

  • Your browser screen (Chrome, Edge or Firefox) may look like a legitimate Windows error dialog stating that you PC is infected, and all your personal data is at risk of being compromised.  You are advised to call an 800 number so Microsoft can help disinfect your PC. 
  • A voice over your PC speaker warning you about the infection detected and instructions to call an 800 number so Microsoft can help disinfect your PC. This play over and over on your speaker. 
  • PC may be locked so that the keyboard does not work. 

First and foremost, Microsoft will NEVER ask you to call them regarding an infected PC. The people that answer the 800 number are crooks. Their purpose is to rob you! 

The good news is the warning is not real. It is designed to scare you into calling them and subsequently getting your credit card info to charge you hundreds of dollars to fix something that is not broke. 

Thankfully this alert is easy to fix.  The easiest way to fix it is to Reboot your PC. The preferred method is to restart using the Start menu and choosing Reboot.  If this is not possible (your keyboard does not seem to work), simply hard boot your PC—hold the power button in for 10 FULL seconds to turn the PC off, then press the Power button once to turn PC back on. 

When you relaunch your browser, you may get a dialog saying something to the effect of “your previous session was abnormally closed, do you want to reopen windows previously opened.” Answer this NO or you’ll reopen the fake Alert Screen. 

If when you relaunch your browser and the fake Alert reappears, you may have an earlier release of the browser that automatically restores windows previously opened.  In this case call the office, 972-992-8588 and we will be glad to help you.